Is beauty the answer to the housing crisis?

By Nick Vose / 21st November 2018 / Comments Off on Is beauty the answer to the housing crisis?

We like everyone else, have no idea what will happen next. Brexit has cast its murky shadow over everything. It is crowding out almost every idea and turned Theresa May’s government into a one-trick pony. There is perhaps one concession to this otherwise gloomy picture. James Brokenshire, the relatively new Secretary of State for Housing, […]

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Hands off our land

By Nick Vose / 3rd July 2018 / Comments Off on Hands off our land

Up to a third of young people face living in private rented accommodation all their lives, according to a report by the Resolution Foundation. The think tank, which aims to improve the standard of living of low and middle-income families said 40% of “millennials” – those born between 1980 and 1996 – were living in […]

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Are the Conservatives losing the generation game?

By Nick Vose / 27th April 2018 / Comments Off on Are the Conservatives losing the generation game?

The Conservatives are set to become unelectable as older voters die off through “natural wastage”, warned the Conservative MP and Justice Minister, Phillip Lee, at last year’s Conservative Party conference. Reports that the Conservative Party is ageing out of existence may be premature, but there can be no doubt that the party and its voters […]

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Can Labour win big?

By Nick Vose / 26th April 2018 / Comments Off on Can Labour win big?

If elections are a game of expectation management, then the bar of what success looks like for Labour is untenably high. Survation – one of the most accurate pollsters at the 2017 general election – put Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party seven points ahead of the Conservatives in March; and a staggering 27-points ahead in London, […]

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