Whatever your project, company or sector, we can provide the services that you need to succeed.

We have an expert team of communications and engagement professionals, which has experience of working across all sectors in property and planning.

We carry out a number of services on behalf of our clients, across the UK.


We have often been privileged to sit as part of the team preparing the strategy and considering next steps for large property companies. Our ‘advisory’ track-record spans the retail, residential, leisure and commercial sectors - from planning challenges to the broader challenge of corporate reputation. We have the experience and expertise to help our clients take the right direction, future-proof projects and businesses against risks and challenges through our deep understanding of this incredible industry and its influences.


Planning consultation is at the heart of development projects. Our strategic advice, whether it’s a national strategic infrastructure project or a planning application, helps get the balance right for our clients and the communities where development is being brought forward.

By engaging local communities early in the plan making process, you can understand their point of view, allay any concerns, identify supporters, and motivate them to extol the benefits that development will bring.


The requirements, expectations, personal agendas, concerns and perceptions of stakeholders will influence your project, shape what success looks like, and impact the outcomes.

Your approach to communicating with stakeholders is therefore vital. We help you identify the people who can affect your project or who are affected by it - helping you understand their views and explain your perspectives.

From the strategic to the tactical, we provide insight, advice and practical delivery.


We have years of experience of handling an often confrontational local and national media. With local press particularly under threat, the temptation for them to cover development stories in a sensationalist way are stronger than ever.

By working with journalists closely, and understanding their needs, we can ensure that your project is covered in the most positive light possible.


The Internet is the go-to place to find out any information, and this is no less the case than with development. Community groups organise and campaign on Facebook and set up their own websites, and if you’re not there too, then you’re not part of the conversation about your own project.

We can monitor social media, set up and manage websites and databases, carry out targeted email campaigns and develop apps, all designed to help to consult with the local community, and identify and motivate support.


Construction communications is the often-forgotten link in the chain between achieving planning consent and occupying a development. However, this could easily be at the cost of your reputation and do damage to relationships which you’ve built over a long period of time.

We can help you manage the communications with the local community and key stakeholders whether it’s an isolated incident or a comprehensive programme.